Australia’s supermarket giants, Coles and Woolworths, have pledged to save Christmas and keep the price of ham low for the festive season. This comes following a push from Queensland Senator Watt, who doesn’t want Aussies to get ripped off by this popular Christmas staple this year.

The Queensland Senator said, “We know families are doing it tough at the moment and the cost of a lot of things is going up.”

“It’s time for supermarkets to do their part and say one thing we won’t put up is the price of a Christmas ham.”

Coles responded by announcing a drop in the price of its ham price by 50 cents compared to last year. So, this year a Single Smoked Beechwood Half-Leg Ham will set you back to just $8 per kilo.

Coles Single Smoked Beechwood Half-Leg Ham (Image: Coles)

Meanwhile, Woolworths declared that this year would see their lowest ham prices in nearly a decade. The Easy Carve Double Smoked Shoulder Ham is now priced at $11 per kg. Phew!

Woolworths Easy Carve Double Smoked Shoulder Ham (Image: Woolies)

This news will give some Australians a sign of relief as they budget for their Christmas meal this year.

Despite the cost of living on everyday essential items, it’s comforting to know that our traditional Aussie Christmas ham will continue to be a slice of affordable joy!

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