Madonna, the queen of pop, is gearing up for her “Celebration Tour” this summer, and she’s reportedly determined to look her best before hitting the stage. According to the Daily Mail, the 64-year-old icon wants to return to a “more natural look” before the tour starts in July, and she’s currently undergoing procedures to achieve that goal.

The news outlet reports that Madonna was deeply affected by the criticism she received after her appearance at the Grammy Awards earlier this year, which sparked plastic surgery rumors. A source told the Daily Mail that despite her online presence, the criticism “does affect her,” and she wants to look more like herself again for her fans.

Madonna’s fans attending the “Celebration Tour” can expect a spectacular show, as the pop icon reportedly plans to enlist her children to join her on tour and even include them in the shows. The source said, “It may be her last tour, so she wants to make it perfect.” Madonna’s perfectionism is apparently driving everyone up the wall, but the crew is working hard to meet her high standards.

American singer Madonna, New York City, Autumn 1978. (Photo by Michael McDonnell/Archive Photos/Getty Images)

The source added that Madonna is in incredible shape, and her body is “sick.” She’s fully dedicated to making the tour a success, and she won’t hesitate to fire someone who doesn’t meet her expectations. In short, Madonna is determined to make her “Celebration Tour” unforgettable, and her fans are in for a treat.

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