An Aussie foodie has taken to Reddit to share their outrage after being charged $14 for a bowl of chips and sauce.

In their post, they were shocked at the high price of $12 for a small portion of chips, then to make matters worse, they had to fork out another $2 for a squirt of mayo.

Commenters on the thread say that the price for the tinniest bit of sauce ‘”is the real crime” and another joked that you “Gotta bring that pocket mayo with you next time you go out”.

Some questioned whether the prices was due to the the reported nation wide potato shortage but users said that “Yep, I’ve also been stung with this, s*** beer and overpriced food. At least it’s in a nice spot.”

“Before anyone cries inflation, I went before covid and got two schooners and fish and chips for $90. I paid it because I had promised my out-of-town friend a lunch there, but Jesus Christ. Never again,” different user explained.

But another commenter said that the eatery wouldn’t be able to charge so much if people simply stopped going to the stop, explaining that, “I know it’s annoying – but stop buying. If people will pay these prices, they will charge those prices. The price will be what the market will bear.”