You won’t believe the latest rumoured collaboration between Coles and an iconic Aussie brand!

Hot cross bun flavours are becoming more and more divisive every year, but this one is definitely out of the box.

Food influencer NectoriousPapi got everyone excited on Instagram by revealing that Coles and Arnott’s are teaming up to create some new flavours of our beloved Easter treat.

According to NectoriousPapi, there will be two new flavours: one sweet and one savoury.

Can you guess what the savoury creation is? Pizza Shapes-flavoured hot cross buns! Social media users are going crazy over this unexpected twist.


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A Coles spokesperson confirmed the collaboration but didn’t spill the beans on what exactly we can expect from this dynamic duo. They simply said, “We have some rippers in the works for you.” How exciting!

So, if you’re a hot cross bun fan, get ready for some fair dinkum Aussie classics. Coles and Arnott’s are cooking up something special, and they can’t wait to share more details with us soon. Stay tuned to find out when these mouthwatering treats will be available in store.

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