A fabricated article titled ‘Amanda Keller is being sued by the Bank of Australia for comments she made on live broadcast’ is doing the rounds and while we’re understandably concerned about its messaging, we can’t get past the ridiculousness of it.

“Amanda Keller’s career is hanging by a thread after her remarks on air. After Amanda Keller’s remarks, a scandal broke out on live television,” the fake article reads.

“Viewers began calling the network after what they saw, but the broadcast was interrupted by a call from the Bank of Australia, which demanded that the broadcast be stopped immediately and that all recordings be erased.”

They add, “We were able to persuade the director of ‘Sunrise’ to provide us with a copy of the recording of this program. Keep in mind that this article, like the broadcast, may soon be deleted. Here is the scandalous interview that was deleted.”

Jonesy & Amanda decided to role play the “scandalous interview”.
Hear it above.

Obviously, don’t fall for this absurd scam.

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