An Australian research firm Telsyte, conducted their yearly survey and it revealed that Netflix had a 3 percent drop in users which works out to be around 189,000 people stopping their subscriptions.

The streaming company announced back in May that they were cracking down on password sharing in Australia after successfully rolling the crackdown out in Spain, Canada, Portugal, and our neighbours across the ditch in New Zealand.

The crackdown meant that you couldn’t share your password with family who lived in a different location and could only add up to 2 extra members to your account for an extra $7.99 a month.

Netflix said the reasoning for the harsh crackdown was because there were around 100 million households worldwide who were sharing their passwords which limited Netflix’s “ability to invest in great new TV and films”.

While some might say that the massive loss in subscribers could also be due to the added cost of living pressures, the evidence points directly to the password crackdown with Disney, Amazon Prime, Paramount+, Stan, and Binge all seeing rises in their users.

Paramount+ saw the biggest jump in subscribers with a huge 41 percent increase, while Amazon Prime users rose 9 percent with Stan and Disney+ rising 2 and 1 percent respectively.

However, Netflix still has the biggest subscription base in Australia with 6.1 million subscribers, followed by Disney+ which has 3.1 million, and then Stan which have 2.6 million.