A light hearted prank or serious traumatic experience?

Parents have caused a bit of a stir online, when it comes to participating in a current TikTok trend.

The trend involves parents activating a crackling ghost filter on the app while their young children watch in a room by themselves.

Not all children in these videos appear to be frightened by this prank but many experts condemn the practice for its traumatising effect on kids.


I had to try it 😂😂😂😂#ghosttrend #kidsoftiktok #toddlersoftiktok #fyp #funnyvideos

♬ suara kuntilanak – solehudin1294


She said “im scared” 😂 she loves scary fhings lmaoo #ghostfilter #kidprank #prank #ghost #ghostface #toddler #toddlerprank #ghostfilterchallenge

♬ suara kuntilanak – solehudin1294


Is the reaction really worth the views?

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