It’s a great time to work for Taylor Swift on The Eras Tour after she paid $100,000 bonuses to each of her staff.

Taylor Swift is currently on the biggest tour of her career and one of the biggest tours in history so of course she has a big crew.

It’s been confirmed that Taylor recently gave bonuses totalling over $55 million, to everyone from her dancers, to riggers, sound technicians and even caterers. Apparently Taylor makes more than $13,000,000 A NIGHT on tour, based on ticket sales and including things like VIP packages so it would only take her 4.2 days to pay off the bonuses!

TMZ also reported this week that Taylor gave $100,000 to each one of the 50 truckers working on her tour – they are the ones that have been hauling all of Taylor’s equipment around from city to city.

The US leg of Taylor’s Eras Tour is coming to an end next week, so it seems like this is an ‘end of tour bonus’.

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