Jamie Lee Curtis, the American film star and recent Oscar-winning actor is celebrating 24 years of sobriety. Known for her roles in classic 80s movies including ‘Halloween’, ‘Trading Places’ and ‘A Fish Called Wanda’, Curtis shared her story in a new interview (filmed before the SAG-AFTRA strike), describing what the struggles throughout that journey meant for her career.

In the interview, the 64-year-old shared how through addiction and generation trauma, her “worst day was almost invisible to anyone else”.

She acknowledged how grateful she was this wasn’t where she ended up. “I am incredibly lucky that that wasn’t my path,” she said.

Photo by Unique Nicole/WireImage

The Everything Everywhere All At Once Star also opened up about her family history and described her sobriety as her “greatest accomplishment.”

“Getting sober remains my single greatest accomplishment,” she expressed. “Bigger than my husband, bigger than both of my children, and bigger than any work, success, failure. Anything.”

Jamie is a mother of two daughters, Ruby, 27, and Annie, 36, with her husband, screenwriter Christopher Guest.


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