Molly Ringwald, known for her role in “The Breakfast Club,” recently shared in an interview with The Times that the film hasn’t aged well, especially with some scenes, like those involving Judd Nelson’s character, not sitting right in today’s context.

“I don’t enjoy watching myself on screen. I only rewatched The Breakfast Club, which came out in 1985, because [my daughter] Mathilda wanted to see it with me,” she said in the interview.

“There is a lot that I really love about the movie but there are elements that haven’t aged well – like Judd Nelson’s character, John Bender, who essentially sexually harasses my character.”

Ally Sheedy, another cast member, has also critiqued aspects of the film, like the makeover scene, pointing out that it didn’t align with her vision for her character. Both Ringwald and Sheedy have been open to discussions about the film’s themes and its relevance today, with Ringwald’s 2018 essay sparking further conversation.

Meanwhile, Anthony Michael Hall hinted at the possibility of a sequel, keeping the interest alive in the beloved ’80s classic.

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