It was Friday the 13th last night and there were two full moons out!

An absolute mouthful to say but yes… Molly Meldrum mooned Melbourne at Elton John’s concert last night.

If you really want to see it (you’ve been warned), check it out below.

In the first Melbourne show of the music superstar’s farewell tour, John was unexpectedly joined on stage at AAMI Park by long-time friend and Australian icon Molly Meldrum.

After a hug and a quick kiss, John returned to the piano to perform The Bitch Is Back with Meldrum by his side, dancing and singing.


But soon, dancing turned into something different as Meldrum dropped his pants to knee level, giving the crowd a full view of his bare behind – a scene which was projected on the giant screens on either side of the stage, presumably to make sure no-one missed out.

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