In a surprising turn of events, iconic Aussie band Crowded House has reportedly opted out of their highly anticipated performance at this year’s AFL Grand Final. Many fans are stunned by the recents reports, especially as many were unaware that the renowned group was even set to grace the event at MCG.

Having earned their reputation as one of Australia’s most beloved bands, Crowded House’s addition to the grand final would have been something special.

While Crowded House experienced major hits in the 1980s and 90s, their last big event was an iconic farewell concert in 1996 at the Sydney Opera House. A reunion in 2020 saw Neil Finn, Nick Seymour, and new members, including Finn’s children, come together.

Crowded House perform on stage during the ‘Encore’ tour at Sydney Opera House on November 24, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

Their sudden exit from the lineup, as reported by the Herald Sun, has left the AFL organisers with a tight window to find a suitable replacement. However, the AFL remains cryptic about their next step. Jay Allen, the AFL spokesperson, has provided a brief statement: “The pre-match entertainment for the 2023 AFL grand final will be announced in September.”

The grand final’s pre-match entertainment has historically seen some remarkable performances. Last year, Robbie Williams left audiences in awe. Meanwhile, acts like The Killers, Ed Sheeran, Birds of Tokyo, and Jimmy Barnes have set the gold standard over the past decade. On the flip side, performances from Meat Loaf and Angry Anderson’s Batmobile escapade weren’t received quite as warmly.

Despite the reports of Crowded House’s cancellation, there may be a silver lining for AFL fans. Rock legends KISS, who are set to perform in Sydney on October 7th, could possibly be available for the grand final. With their schedule free for a few weeks leading up to their Sydney show, rumours suggest that they may be filling the void left by Crowded House.


Adding to the speculation, a petition surfaced a couple of months ago on, nudging KISS to perform at the Grand Final. As the petition points out, Melbourne had initially missed out on the KISS concert, which was then scheduled for Sydney. Could this be Melbourne’s chance to make amends and have KISS rock the Grand Final? Only time will tell.

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