Jane Fonda, the ever-inspiring actor and activist, recently injected a dose of humour into social media with her candid take on dating.

During an interview with comedian Heather McMahan, Fonda shared that if she were to take a lover, they’d have to be 20, playfully adding, “Because I don’t like old skin.”

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Social media delivered a mixed response to this, with one comment saying “if a man said that..” and another saying “Nah this shouldn’t be normalised”. Others seemed to love Fonda’s candour, with one user saying “love love LOVE Jane Fonda” and another saying “People really don’t understand what a joke is! She’s funny”.

At 85, Fonda continues to captivate us not just with her iconic roles in Barbarella and Monster-in-Law but also with her candid and lighthearted approach to life. From giving up alcohol, which Fonda cites as “I only have so many tomorrows left, and I don’t want to be at half-mast for any of them”, to reevaluating her romantic preferences, Fonda’s wit and charm shine through, reminding us all to embrace laughter and joy at every age!