A hotel room in Ibiza has captured the Internet’s attention after a guest shared her experience staying in the glass-wall room that is situated in the centre of the hotel lobby.

TikTok creator Olympia Anley shared her experience of the one-of-a-kind hotel room, writing: “POV: you can stay in this hotel for free but the room has glass walls to the lobby.”


i’ve made a lot of friends tonight #ibiza #paradiso #art

♬ Lights – Em1r


does this change your mind? #ibiza #paradiso #art

♬ Afraid To Feel – LF SYSTEM

The Internet wasn’t impressed.


“This would be my worst nightmare,” one person commented.

Another added, “Every stalker’s dream”.

According to Newsweek, The Paradiso Art Hotel is a “media-friendly” hotel with its own art gallery, exhibitions in the lobby and tattoo studio. They call the unusual glass room ‘Zero Suite’.

Located on the ground floor of the hotel, Zero Suite is made entirely out of glass, and comes with a bed, table, chairs, and a bathroom with a toilet and shower. While the bedroom is completely visible to anyone who enters the hotel, the bathroom is private.

While you can stay in the room for one night free, there are a few restrictions, the publication states. You have to sign a release form, giving permission to be filmed and photographed in the room. You are not allowed to repeat your stay in the same calendar year.

Paradiso Art Hotel website


While the internet’s response to Zero Suite has been underwhelming, the hotel says that it is very popular.

“This year we’ve had to turn people down due to the high demand,” they told Newsweek.

“We’ve also had brands such as Levi’s create installations and pop-ups in the room throughout summer.”

So… are you up for it?

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