A new survey by Club Med revealing that 54 per cent of people who have travelled as a couple have come to verbal blows about what activities or experiences they wanted to undertake.

Not surprisingly, close to one-in-four people nominated money as the biggest cause of holiday disputes, proving that it won’t buy you happiness – even if you’re surrounded by palm trees, white sand and six-star luxury.

“As the saying goes, opposites attract, so it wasn’t surprising to hear that couples want different experiences on holiday,” Club Med general manager for Australia, Madeleine Clow, said.

“The secret to a happy holiday is accepting that you don’t have to spend every second of your trip together.”

According to the survey, holiday disagreements may well be a product of age. While most elderly couples don’t argue on holiday, Gen X and Gen Y are the most likely to engage in a heated argument while sunning themselves by the pool.

Tips from Club Med for avoiding and settling disagreements with your partner on holiday:

1.Let the small stuff slide: Holidays are a great opportunity to create memories with your partner that you’ll treasure forever. Make a conscious effort to not let the small things become big things – you’ll regret it when you return.


2.Research and book accordingly: Before your holiday, do your research and chat about what you both want out of the trip. Choose a resort that ticks as many boxes as possible – adult only zones for relaxation, a range of drinking and dining options, spa facilities, plenty of sporting activities and excursions.

3.Spend time apart: While on holiday make an effort to occasionally do separate activities, so that you both get what you want out of your trip, whether it’s relaxation, activities or a mixture of both. Then share romantic meals throughout the day for quality time.

4.Make new friends: It doesn’t just have to be the two of you. Good resort staff help to create a fun and social environment, so take advantage of this and embrace the holiday spirit.

5.Do something special: Choose a new activity or experience to enjoy together that is particularly special – this will lift your mood and create special memories, for example releasing baby turtles into the wild or an elephant ride.

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