If you’ve had to do some grocery shopping over the last few days and have noticed the shelves are slightly emptier, you aren’t alone. It’s about the same in almost every supermarket around the country – all thanks to panic buying.

Welcome to the Great Australian Toilet Paper War of 2020.

In preparation for a possible pandemic of coronavirus in Australia, people have rushed into stores to get all sorts of supplies, like pasta, rice… and most importantly, toilet paper.

And it turns out, Australia has an OBSESSION with toilet paper. So much so, major supermarket chains like Woolworths have put in restrictions on how much toilet paper you can purchase in one go. Yep, it’s that crazy!

Despite the restrictions, people still have managed to wipe out shelves.

As a result, Jonesy & Amanda have done us all a favour by exploring this serious issue and experiencing it firsthand.

Click ‘PLAY’ below to hear the latest on Toilet Paper Gate 2020:


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