Research from Compare the Market reveals a rising trend: more pet owners are sharing their beds with their furry friends.

Last year, 41.4% of owners allowed their pets to snuggle with them, and the numbers are increasing.

The survey highlighted some intriguing generational differences.

Gen Z leads with 60.9% admitting their cats or dogs enjoy a cozy spot in their beds.

Baby Boomers follow at 49.1%, with Gen X close behind at 47.9%.

Surprisingly, Millennials are the least likely to share their sleeping space, with only 42.2% doing so.

Adrian Taylor, Compare the Market’s Executive General Manager for General Insurance and pet insurance expert, remarked: “It’s a tale as old as time. While it’s one of the most debated topics in Aussie households, it seems half of us truly believe pets belong in bed with us.


“Some argue that letting pets sleep in bed can cause health issues, disrupt sleep, and even spark arguments between partners. Others, however, feel it makes them feel safe and loved.

“No matter how you look at it, there’s no denying we have some seriously pampered pets across Australia. We buy them the best food, all the treats, and toys to keep them entertained, but let’s not forget their health.”

So, whether you’re for or against sharing your bed, one thing is clear: our pets are living their best lives!

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