It’s time we talked about the undeniable difficulties and inconsistencies of school holidays.

This week, Mia Freedman wrote a fantastic piece reflecting the idea that our school holiday system is “broken”.

“How do we fill the disparity gap of 10 hours a week, every week during term time and 10 entire additional weeks of school holidays throughout the year? It’s inside this gap that parents will confide in hushed yet anguished tones about how they’re not coping. And it’s into this gap that our sanity, our bank accounts and ultimately the well-being of our families are falling,” she writes.

“This is what I mean when I say the system is broken. Because it’s built on a foundational premise that every school-aged child has one parent or full-time carer (usually a mother) who is at home every day to look after them. And in 2020, how many households tick that box?”

Our very own Amanda Keller reflected on Mia’s words this morning, agreeing that the disparity gap is simply not feasible for working parents in our modern age.

Click PLAY below to hear Amanda Keller’s reflection: