A Woolworths shopper has taking off on TikTok after testing out his new barcode tattoo, which worked.

What started as a simple vid of buying a bottle of Sprite, ended up as something out of the The Fifth Element when TikTokker Ralph Rivera swiped a barcode tatt on his right forearm in front of the scanner.

“Ah see?” he could be heard saying after the familiar *boop* confirmed that it scanned correctly.

“Your Everyday Rewards card has been added,” the scanner said.

“See it worked,” he told his friend while pointing at the screen.

@ralphrivera247Tattoo hack! Lol.♬ original sound – Ralph Rivera

Yep, the tattoo was the barcode for his Woolies loyalty card.

“hahahahah ultimate time saver,” was one comment.

“could of atleast put the tattoo in a place that doesn’t dislocate your arm using it,” was another.