‘Your Proud Dad’ is a TikTok account fronted by Summer Clayton AKA ‘Dad’ which has brought tears to many, for different, often heartfelt reasons…

Clayton’s TikTok channel is dedicated to providing intimate conversations that people might long to have with their own father, but can’t.

Watch it here:

@yourprouddadHappy Sunday❤️. Is school out for you??♬ gymnopédie no.1 – Edits


The concept is simple: Clayton, aka Dad, always sets down two plates of food. He always tells you what’s for dinner. He always blesses the food. He always checks in with how you’re doing.


I must put particular emphasis on the stability here, because as someone who grew up with a less-than-stable relationship with their father, it stood out immediately. I found myself breathing a sigh of relief at Clayton’s consistency.

I also noticed the immediate emotional connection created just by being asked, “How was your day?” It’s the way the question was positioned that particularly stood out. It was calm, stable, non-judgmental & caring.

He also branches into the topic of responding to his ‘child’ coming out as trans.

View it here:

@yourprouddadThis is a tough conversation to have. And this was genuinely me having it. I’m not perfect but I’m trying!♬ original sound – Summer Clayton



Stability and connection—are fundamental cravings that children have of their parents & perhaps we never really stop needing it from them.

Some are reminded of what they once had with their own fathers.

“I’m never gonna have something like this again,” wrote one person.

Others lament what they will never get.

“I would die for my parents to say they are proud of me just once,” wrote another.

He’ll even tuck you in after you fall asleep to your favorite show. Pure sweetness.

Get tucked in here:

@yourprouddadGoodnight❤️♬ gymnopédie no.1 – Edits


This has helped me a lot and ‘Your Proud Dad’ has become a great role model.

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