So, we’re not even done with the Christmas holidays yet, but this is the perfect time to start thinking about your next lot of leave, right?

When it comes to maximising your annual leave, Easter time is considered the big kahuna.

For just 8 strategically placed annual leave days, you can score a huge 19 days off by taking advantage of the Easter long weekend but also Anzac Day later in the month.

Sadly it’s not all in a row, but there’s still two good chunks of holiday time to enjoy.

The bolded dates are the ones you need to book off.

You can get 10 days straight around the Easter break:

  • Saturday April 1
  • Sunday April 2
  • Monday April 3
  • Tuesday April 4
  • Wednesday April 5
  • Thursday April 6
  • Friday April 7 (Good Friday)
  • Saturday April 8
  • Sunday April 9
  • Monday April 10 (Easter Monday)

Then later in the month, you can get another 9 days straight (if your boss will let you!) around the Anzac Day holiday:

  • Saturday April 22
  • Sunday April 22
  • Monday April 24
  • Tuesday April 25 (Anzac Day)
  • Wednesday April 26
  • Thursday April 27
  • Friday April 28
  • Saturday April 29
  • Sunday April 30

Seriously, get your leave request in before your colleagues get wind of it!