Oooohh, we’ve got excellent news for you.

The flavoured milk gods are smiling down on us this year because OAK’s Flavour Generator competition is back!

This is where they get you to come up with the yummiest most creative flavour you can think of out of their online generator and two finalists will have their flavours sold in stores across the country with their faces plastered on the side of their creation.


If you out-taste, out-buy and out-sell your fellow finalist in stores, you go home with $10 THOUSAND BUCKS and your flavour milk will continue to sell!

If you’re runner-up don’t worry, you still go home with a cool $2k for your hard work.

So head to the OAK Flavour Generator and get thinking!


Last year’s winner was Paul with his S’Mores Flavoured Milk, but they’re bringing in new base ingredients to play with like brownie and bubblegum!