Cadbury bars… but make them FASHION!

Cadbury has come out with a brand new decadent spin on some of your favourite chocolate bars, elevating them to a whole new level!

Cherry Ripe and Picnic are now available in individual bars with three indulgent layers, encased in a domed chocolate shell for a unique sensory experience.

The Picnic Layers is filled with layers of gooey caramel, soft peanut flavoured creme and crunchy peanut pieces encased in a Dairy Milk milk chocolate shell, and Cherry Ripe Layers includes layers of iconic Cherry Ripe flavoured jelly, coconut flavoured creme and coconut pieces encased in an Old Gold dark chocolate shell. Yum!!!


We’ve tried them, and can say they are truly delicious and make you feel a little bit fancy!


The new Cadbury Layers hit shelves on New Years Day and are only $2 RRP.

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