A shopper in New Zealand has had to rethink making a fruit salad after seeing the price of watermelon.

Megan Robinson, of Auckland, tweeted the eye-watering price tag from her local Farro supermarket chain last week.

“Was thinking about fruit salad but changed my mind now that watermelons have broken the $100 mark.”

The photo showed the $102.25 sticker on the fruit, with another next to it ticketed at $69.98.

The New Zealand Herald reported watermelon was currently out of season in NZ and needed to be shipped from Australia.

“In some instances where we cannot source produce locally due to climate or seasonality, we will selectively import products to provide our customers with specialty items,” a Farro spokeswoman told the outlet.

“The seedless watermelon in this instance was sourced from Australia as there is no watermelon available in NZ, hence was subject to the high supply chain costs being experienced currently. Both costs and produce quality can be significantly affected dependent on whether the produce is shipped via sea or air,” she said.