If a child’s first day at kindergarten is memorable, when they leave home for university can feel like an irrevocable life change for parents.

Knowing how to say goodbye, and dealing with the sense of loss that can follow, is part of being a parent.

Last week, Amanda delved into the ‘blub zone’, telling us that her eldest son was moving out of the family home, and embarking on his next chapter at university.

“When you leave home, you don’t look back, but our home life will change forever, in a great way! As I said, I’m excited for him and so pleased for him but just the four of us having dinner together every night, that phase is over, and that’s how it should be, but it’s hard,” Amanda added.

“I’ve been trying to work out what my emotions of it are because I’m excited for him and it’s nostalgic for me.”

Click ‘PLAY’ below to hear how Liam’s first day at university went:

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