Is it a bird? is it a plane? – Oh it’s just a giant magpie enjoying a chip.

Known as ‘Big Swoop’ the 2.4 metre tall chip eating maggie has recently been installed in Canberra.

Artist Yanni Pounartzis created the piece as a reminder that humans aren’t the only residents in the area.

But while the sculpture is new, it seems Big Swoop is no stranger to dining out in the city.

“The story is that Big Swoop grew up eating chips a Chicken Gourmet and then went to Sydney and has now come back.”

To ‘welcome back’ Civic’s tallest resident, King O’Malley’s will host a party for the big bird this Saturday – offering free hot chips from the very same fryers used by the late, great Chicken Gourmet.

Off to Canberra we go…

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