Jason Kelce, Travis’s younger brother was a guest recently on “The Big Podcast with Shaq”.

In the interview, they delve into stories of the brothers, his retirement, as well as the Taylor Swift Drama.

When Taylor Swift started dating Travis Kelce no one could have predicted how larger than life the relationship has become in the public eye. Although Travis can defend himself on the field and handle the football fans, he could not have predicted the “new demographic” that comes with dating Taylor.

Jason revealed that Travis had to in fact move out of his house for “safety reasons”. He moved to a new Kansas City Home in late 2023 within a gated community but this did not prevent people from breaking onto the property and even knocking on his windows. Jason spoke about the difference of being Football Famous and being famous in the “Taylor world”.

 “The Taylor world and the pop culture world — that’s a whole different level. It’s a new demographic that wasn’t there before.”

Shaq added that Travis should have nothing to worry about if he’s not doing anything he’s not supposed to be doing.


Listen to the full podcast below:

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