Loveable pop star Robbie Williams has taken to Instagram to share his struggles with weight and body image.

One of our all time fave acts, Robbie opened up to fans about his skinny physique after fans reacted to his recent weight loss.

In a post to his 2.7million Instagram followers, the 49-year-old Brit singer shared a drawing with two characters over the words “My ideal goal weight is people being worried about me”. It’s one of a number of illustrations the singer has published on his feed.


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In a caption he wrote, “I could write a book about self-loathing where my body image is concerned. Like pure self-hatred, The ugliness of feeling ugly. I’m body dysmorphic and on top of being dysmorphic at times, I can be 40+ pounds overweight.

“So you can imagine what my mind sees. Or maybe you can’t either way it’s a f*****g disaster.”


Robbie will return to Australia this November for a series of headline dates for his XXV tour.

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