If this latest ‘hot mess’ single is anything to go by, Adele is well and truly back for a massive 2022.

The video for ‘Oh My God’ dropped overnight, her latest single off her 30 album.

The black-and-white video features multiple versions of Adele throughout as dancers glide around her as though rehearsing for a stage show. She, of course, wears a number of stunning outfits.

After the video dropped, Adele gushed about the experience she had making it on Instagram with her signature sense of humour.

“I got to work with Sam Brown again for ‘Oh My God’ who directed the ‘Rolling In The Deep’ video! So to collaborate together again a decade later was nostalgic, to say the least,” she wrote.

“We filmed this one on the day ‘Easy On Me’ dropped, there were a million things going on all at once, ” she continued.

“But the attention to detail from the crew was borderline hilarious – thank you so much for your patience and pulling it all together it was a lot of fun. Although right at the end a huge python was on set, so I skedaddled my arse straight out of there! Big thank you to Harris Reed, Louis Vuitton and The Queens Haus – Vivienne Westwood for the most stunning clothes for me to sing my ‘I’m a hot mess’ song in!”


Adele has previously opened up about what ‘Oh My God’ means to her, as well as shared the inspiration behind the track.

“[It’s] about the first time that I basically left my house after my anxiety and stuff like that started to sort of subside,” she recalled.

“I went out with some girlfriends and my girlfriends are like, ‘You’re single, 30, and ready to mingle.’ And I was like, ‘I ain’t ready to mingle at all. What the hell are you talking about?’”

“It was just about the prospect of sort of dating and stuff like that in bloody LA, which is not the vibe,” she continued.

“I was terrified, I wasn’t ready to start dating anyway, but I was scared that if I did, that I would probably make some really bad decisions because I wasn’t ready.

I remember the first time [someone flirted], and I was like, ‘Do you mind? I’m married.’ And my friends were like, ‘But you’re not.’


And I was like, ‘Oh s**t, OK… oh my God.’”

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