The Bear’s Jeremy Allen White is set to play Bruce Springsteen in the upcoming film Deliver Me From Nowhere, the story behind Springsteen’s raw 1982 album, Nebraska.

Deadline confirms 20th Century’s backing of the movie, spearheaded by writer-director Scott Cooper, with shooting scheduled later this year.

The project took shape when producer Eric Robinson heard Springsteen’s manager Jon Landau discussing the book of the same name on a podcast with Marc Maron.

He then enlisted Cooper to adapt the book into a film.

The author of the book, Warren Zanes, previously reflected on the enduring allure of Nebraska in an interview with Rock and Roll Globe in 2023.

Nebraska has long captivated our collective imagination, and the detailed exploration in book form found a receptive audience. Bruce’s decision to release raw, unpolished recordings defied commercial norms but resonated deeply with fans, inspiring many, myself included.”

Deadline also notes the active involvement of Landau and Springsteen in the film’s production.