As soon as we received news of the Caringbah sinkhole yesterday, we knew Jonesy would bring it up on the show. It’s his local watering hole after all!

For those unfamiliar with the incident, The Kingsway in Caringbah was turned into a raging river yesterday afternoon, with a burst water main sending water streaming down the road, and causing a sinkhole in a busy intersection.

The road had partially collapsed with a bus stuck in the hole that had opened up.

So, being the drama queen that he is, Jonesy couldn’t help but involve himself in the story, and the fact that he regularly catches the bus that essentially ‘sunk’ during yesterday’s sinkhole debacle. Yes, the 971 from Hurstville to South Cronulla.


How can you “almost die” if you weren’t even involved in the accident? Well, if Jonesy says you can, then you can!

Hear what Jonesy had to say (oh, and Amanda’s potential “run-in” with John Lennon) above!