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Amanda Keller: "It's Time We Sympathised With The Television Industry"

After news broke that Rove McManus’ show Saturday Night Rove had been axed after two episodes, an onslaught of hate towards the TV and radio personality arose.

As a spectator, we tend to be flippant and snide about the cancellation of television shows. Our maliciousness is generally aimed at the primary ‘figure’ of the show – which in this case is Rove – and we tend to neglect the fact that there’s more to a show than its ‘stars’.

When a post office closes due to low sales, people are outraged, exclaiming: “Think of the jobs lost”! However, people fail to respond like this when a television show is cancelled due to low ratings, when in fact, they should.

“These people are out of jobs. These people are paying school fees and paying mortgages and getting on with their lives… they need wages as much as anybody else,” Amanda Keller pointed out after the news broke.

It’s time we sympathised with the television industry.