A mum from the Northern Territory has vented her frustration in a Facebook post where she said she paid $63 for food at a local play centre.

According to her post, she ordered a chicken parmigiana, a bowl of chips with a side of gravy, 12 nuggets, and two drinks and was hit for six when she received the “insanely expensive” bill.

The mum went on to say that she “will probably just be cooking from home from now on” and packing her own food.

The director of the play centre spoke to new.com.au to defend their centre’s prices saying that they’re just a “small business just trying to cover costs of inflation”.

The director went on to say that “the real story should be how businesses are meant to survive with price increases and then be subject to slander over it”.

The mum’s post received a bunch of comments backing up the NT mother’s experience saying that they don’t eat out at venues anymore.

One wrote, “as if the entry fee isn’t expensive enough”.


With another commenting “Yep, normal, we don’t eat there for obvious reasons”.

But some were on the side of the play centre saying that the “food is expensive because their prices are what pays their staff and rent”.

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