Do you have some spare time on your hands? Yes.
Do you live in a pet-friendly house? Yes. 
Do you love puppies? Yes. 

If you also answered yes to these questions, then you’re the perfect candidate for Guide Dog’s puppy raiser program!

At eight weeks of age, Guide Dog pups are placed in the community with volunteer Puppy Raisers. These families or individuals ensure that these new puppy recruits get the best possible care, in a loving home environment while receiving necessary training.

These special, dedicated Puppy Raisers all have one thing in common – they embrace the opportunity to help change people’s lives forever.

Over a period of 12 months, raisers are responsible for making the puppy feel like part of the family and keeping them safe. Oh, and giving them lots of cuddles in mandatory too! You must also be available to attend local training days, along with vet checks and puppy pre-school.


In return, the organisation provides a strong support network, food, vet care and prevention of fleas and ticks.

If you can’t commit to the full 12 months, there’s also the option to register as a temporary carer.

Interested? We sure are!

To learn more and to register, click here!

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