KFC have been forced to take drastic action as the cost of lettuce skyrockets.

The fast food giant says it will start mixing its shredded lettuce with the cheaper option of cabbage.

It comes as we’ve been hit with soaring prices for some fresh fruits and vegetables, some social media users posting pics of lettuce costing over $10.

“Due to the recent floods in NSW [New South Wales] and QLD [Queensland] we’re currently experiencing a lettuce shortage. So, we’re using a lettuce and cabbage blend on all products containing lettuce until further notice,” KFC Australia said on its website.

“If that’s not your bag, simply click ‘Customise’ on your chosen product and remove lettuce from the recipe,” it added.

It’s also understood that those who just want lettuce and not the cabbage/lettuce mix can also request it.

(not gonna lie, cabbage is excellent for your digestion)