Reynold Poernomo has teamed up with Ferrero Rocher to create two GORGEOUS Christmas dessert recipes.

The Ferrero Rocher ‘Bell’

Imagine a dark, rich chocolate mousse coating a luxurious raisin caramel filling and topped with whole roasted hazelnuts, infinitely delicate chocolate feathers, and of course, a Ferrero ball.

Secondly, we have the Ferrero Rocher ‘Bauble’.

This time we’re getting a deliciously delicate choux pastry filled to the brim with gorgeously whipped dark chocolate ganache and topped with Ferrero!

These two desserts are limited edition creations and are available to purchase at Reynold’s KOI Dessert Bar in Chippendale and KOI Dessert Kitchen in Ryde.


But wait, it gets better.

Reynold, the champ that he is, has decided to share his secrets with you, revealing the recipes so you can create them yourself in the comfort of your own home!!

Find the Bauble recipe HERE!

Find the Bell recipe HERE!

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