BWS is turning the big 2-1, and to celebrate, they want to pay Aussies to celebrate.

Yep, you read that right!

The drinks retailer will be forking out over $400,000 in exchange for birthday shout-outs. It’s that simple!

Throughout June,  BWS will be asking customers to complete a number of birthday tasks in exchange for cash.

For example, Aussies can earn $1,000 by submitting an aerial video of a huge ‘Happy Birthday’ message written on the ground (carved in sand on a beach, for example), $2,000 for getting a choir of 21 people to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to BWS, or $5,000 for jumping out of a giant BWS cake or holding a BWS birthday sign and dancing the BWS birthday dance in a BWS orange birthday outfit.

If that’s too much for you, there are simpler tasks available, like leaving a ‘happy birthday’ message at where you’ll receive $10.

Or maybe you’re a baker? By baking a homemade cake with ‘Happy Birthday BWS’ written in icing, you can earn $100!


For the crafty types, you can earn $500 for crafting a bespoke BWS birthday outfit and wearing it.

All the tasks are listed here, with a set number of tasks available for customers to complete in order to redeem and start celebrating until June 30th. Once a customer meets the task’s requirement and the content is uploaded to the microsite and is ABAC* compliant, they’ll then be paid cash via a digital Mastercard.

Happy Birthday BWS!

*ABAC is the responsible alcohol marketing code.

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