Australia’s oldest living man, Frank Mawer has passed away peacefully after the most extraordinary life.

Mr Mawer passed away in his sleep aged 110 on Saturday at Central Tilba, on the South Coast, at the home of his son Philip.

Until November last year Mr Mawer lived independently in his own apartment at Gymea in Sydney’s south, supported by HammondCare At Home staff.

He moved to the South Coast to be with his son, a nurse, and his partner following a fall.

HammondCare Chief Executive Mike Baird has paid tribute to the inspirational life of Frank Mawer following his passing after being weakend by a bout of COVID-19.

“Mr Frank was the most inspiring individual – a gracious man and a man of faith,” Baird said.

“HammondCare is proud to have helped him live his life to the full to the end.”


Mr Mawer, who celebrated his 110th birthday on August 15, took the title of Australia’s oldest man in July last year after the passing of a Queensland man Dexter Kruger.

Mr Mawer’s son Barry said when his dad contracted COVID-19 several weeks ago, it weakened him.

“He lived life to the full even in recent months. He insisted on sitting up for meals, he did his exercises every day, and had plenty of visitors,” Barry said.

“He went to have his afternoon nap on Saturday afternoon and never woke up.”

In 2020, Mr Mawer said his advice for living to a grand age was simple – no smoking, no drinking and no gambling.

“These are three things you can choose. The way you live makes a difference. And the schooling costs of my six children was a worthy investment,” Mr Mawer said at the time.


While he has not had a drink for 80 years, Mr Mawer confessed to another vice — Portuguese tarts from a nearby local bakery.

Story originally written by James Fennessy.