The destruction and vandalism of statues across the world has been at the forefront of the media over the past few days.

While the subjects of the affected statues may be problematic to some, Jonesy & Amanda thought to discuss the statues (and who/what they represent) that they admire.

The first statue that came to mind for Amanda Keller was the famous Hachiko dog statue in Shibuya City, Japan.

For those unfamiliar with the statue, it relates to one of the most moving stories about dog loyalty.

The Hachiko dog waited every day for its owner at Shibuya Station. One day, his owner never came home after passing away at work. From 1925 to 1935, the dog waited every day for his owner to return. Yes, he waited for 10 years.

The moving story became famous throughout Japan and has since become a symbol of loyalty. You might remember the 2009 film ‘Hachi: A Dog’s Tale‘ starring Richard Gere and Joan Allen, which is based on the story.


Another statue that resonates with many is that of the iconic Red Dog – the dog who hitchhiked across the Pilbara. Oh, and don’t forget the Dog on the Tucker Box statue in Gundagai!

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