Former Married At First Sight Australia contestants have revealed a cheeky loophole for contestants to control what is and isn’t included in the final edit of the show.

Past MAFS’ bride Alyssa Barmonde told Yahoo Lifestyle’s Behind The Edit podcast about a strict rule contestants have to follow otherwise they’ll face being edited out of the show.

“If you’re too drunk, they can’t use your footage. So if you’re slurring your words and you’re really messy, they can’t use that footage” she revealed.

The surprising rule can also be used to contestants advantage, meaning they could act drunk to to mess with the producers if they didn’t want something aired.

Barmonde shared that during an expolosive dinner party when Sara was exposed for cheating, she heard Sara ask for a glass of wine, which is likely because she had run out of her allotted amount, but could also be because she wanted to force the producers not to air certain scenes.


Melinda Willis, who appeared on MAFS’ alongside Barmonde last year, revealed that participants would act drunk so they could be allowed to go home and avoid interviews.

“You’re meant to have like, roughly two glasses, but they really just cut you off when you start not being able to do a voxie which is your chat to camera,”

“So if you didn’t want to do your chat to camera, you would just drink or act drunk and then if you couldn’t string your sentences together they’d be like, ‘Thanks so much’. And you know it’s not going to be used because they can’t use it.”

Mind. Blown.

It makes sense why some of this season’s contestants would want to do this…

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