Do you have plans tonight? Well, you might want to take a raincheck cos tonight the world’s largest travelling car show, the Hot Wheels Legends Tour, will be making its pitstop in Australia for the second year running!

Every year, one global winner is chosen to have their car immortalised as a 1:64 scale die-cast Hot Wheels toy. It’s a pretty big deal – the grand final is hosted at American TV host Jay Leno’s garage (just to give you a taste of the scale)

It’s a unique opportunity for Australian custom car owners to make it to the global semi-finals to represent Australia on the world stage, plus it is also a family-friendly event that anyone can tune in to view

Greg Rust and Molly Taylor will be judging the event alongside Hot Wheels designers Phil Riehlman and Sonny Fisher

The event kicks off at 6pm AEST on the Hot Wheels Facebook page here!

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