Paul McCartney’s daughter Mary recently directed a documentary called If These Walls Could Sing about the famous recording studio Abbey Road, and of course took the opportunity for her dad to recreate the iconic Beatles artwork from the album of the same name.

However, when he crossed the street, a car nearly hit him after failing to stop.

The studio shared a clip of the near-disaster on its Twitter, writing: “Close call for Paul McCartney on the Abbey Road crossing! In this clip from Mary McCartney’s new documentary, a car narrowly misses Paul as he recreates the ‘Abbey Road’ album cover.”

Mary addressed the incident earlier this month.

“The bit where the car nearly ran him over on the zebra crossing, that was so funny,” she said. “As we were leaving [the studio], I said, ‘I’ll film you [on the crossing],’ and he went over and this car totally didn’t stop for him.”

In addition to Paul, If These Walls Could Sing also features interviews with legends like Ringo Starr, Elton John, Roger Waters, Nile Rodgers, Liam and Noel Gallagher.

If These Walls Could Sing is out now on Disney+.

Check out the clip: