New video footage shows that Anne Heche was allegedly speeding down residential streets shortly before her crash into an L.A. residence this week, via TMZ.

Watch the footage here.

The video obtained by the outlet shows the actress speeding down a back road in Venice Beach in the same car that she later crashed. According to the person who caught the footage on video, this had been the third time she circled back around the same street (Cabrillo Avenue.) She was “going up and down and back and forth, driving wildly in each instance,” says the eyewitness.

People were reportedly yelling at her to slow down during her second lap around the street. Sources told TMZ that Heche left around the corner of Cabrillo after her third time up the street. The video was shot at 10:45 AM which was about an hour before her crash. Heche crashed into the garage of a Mar Vista apartment complex on Friday (April 5.)

The crash resulted in a fire that left her in the hospital with severe burns. It’s currently unclear what her final condition is, but the outlet reports that cops were hesitant to do routine tests or background checks on her due to her state.

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