Meghan Markle’s debut podcast is set to debut this Winter, 18 months after she agreed to the $25 million deal. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Archewell foundation shared the news, with Meghan writing: “As we all continue to tackle the misinformation era, Archewell Audio has found it important to work with our partners at Spotify to ensure that the digital technologies so many of us use every day are rooted in strong principles of trust and safety.

“We are encouraged by ongoing conversations we’ve had with Spotify on this shared goal and have been working closely with their team—as well as their senior leadership—towards policies, practices, and strategies meant to raise creator awareness, minimize the spread of misinformation, and support transparency.

“As we move forward at Archewell Audio, we too are eager to be responsible stewards of an audio landscape that is well-resourced with quality, fact-based information—particularly when it comes to public health.”

The statement comes two months after they called on Spotify to reprimand Joe Rogan for his COVID vaccine lies.

Little is known about the content of Meghan’s upcoming podcast, however the Duchess has spoken out about multiple social justice issues, including racism and misogyny.

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