Gene Simmons has plans to open a museum all about KISS in Las Vegas, hopefully launching in March 2022.

According to Simmons, the museum will feature his own memorabilia from his time in the band.

“I was in Las Vegas to start working on the KISS museum, which is really just my collection, because I’ve got a half-century of KISS stuff,” he told the Las Vegas Review Journal.

“I want the fans to see it.”

As Simmons tells it, fans won’t be disappointed by the end result.

“It’s going to be breathtaking,” he said.

“I was there the first day, as my stuff started to come in. We have three tractor-trailers full of stuff, and it’s going to be spectacular. The fans are going to dig it. You can play golf, you can have your photo taken, you can take videos of yourself onstage with KISS, and then go visit my private collection.”


Like Simmons said, fans will be able to play mini-golf on the expanded 2,000 square foot glow-in-the-dark attraction ‘KISS By Monster Mini Golf’.

The museum itself will be a 15,000-square-foot space, all of it KISS-themed, of course, also located in the Rio, as reported by the Review Journal.

Simmons also addressed KISS’ former Vegas residency plans, which were supposed to be held at Zappos Theater on December 29 through February 5. While Simmons would love to get those plans back in motion, he said they will likely wait another year or two before reviving the residency.

“Our original plan was to come in just before New Year’s, but it was just too busy,” Simmons explained.

“When I came into town and joined my friend Dave Grohl onstage, that same night you could see George Strait at T-Mobile Arena, literally across the street. You go down the street and you can see many more artists. I mean, it’s packed.

“There are more artists per square inch in a city that never sleeps than anyplace on the planet,” he continued.


“With all due respect to other all the other artists who are terrific, and who are great and iconic, we’d rather wait for the traffic to die down and bring the best show on Earth, period.”

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