It’s safe to say that Bluey has become an international phenomenon. 

The Aussie children’s show follows an overenthusiastic and imaginative Blue Heeler puppy who goes on adventures with her younger sister.

What’s not to love, right?

A new article has sparked outrage by claiming that Australia’s most loved canine dad, Bandit, is a “bad dad” and a “bully”.

In a piece published by The Conversation, the University of Southern Queensland’s David Burton and Kate Cantrell take aim at the beloved character – who was awarded a Father of the Year award in 2019 – claiming “there is a darker side to this loveable character.”

The lecturers point out that Bandit tends to tease his two daughters, therefore living up to the name Bandit as “an underdog who knocks authority, mocks pomposity, and regularly breaks the rules to get what he wants – even resorting to cheating when he can’t outsmart or outpace his children.”


As an example, they recall the time Bandit held Bluey back from the finish line so he could win an obstacle course.

They also write, “Even Bandit’s name conjures up the small-time crimes of bushrangers, Australia’s revered outlaws who also achieved a type of perverse folk hero status.”

Fans were fast to come to Bandit’s defence with one writing, “Rubbish. The writer clearly hasn’t watched enough episodes of Bluey. There’s considerable nuance to his character, and in general he’s pretty self-deprecating about his ‘larrikin’ character.”

Another added, “Look, Bandit can be a bit of a goose but at the end of the day he’s just a dog dad trying his best for his little girls.”

What do you think?

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