Australia’s 50th most wealthy woman, Sarina Russo, has been slammed for posting a video to Instagram telling flood victims that it is time to exercise. 

“We’re here overlooking the most beautiful city called Brisbane and sadly last week we had massive floods – once in a hundred year flooding, and it called massive devastation,” she said, wearing an expensive Yves Saint Laurent bum bag.

“But you know, when things are going wrong and endorphins are low, this is the time you need to exercise.

“I really believe that fitness is everything.”

She added, “The desire to get fit every morning, regardless whether it’s raining, whether it’s sunny, whether it’s too hot, whether it’s too cold, icy, snowy, whatever the weather is, if it is to be, it’s up to me.

“Your attitude determines your altitude. See you at the top.”


Russo – who is believed to be worth about $267 million – has been slammed online for her comments.

“Petition to tie a wheel barrow to Sarina Russo and have her run around Lismore to help with the clean-up effort,” one person tweeted.

Another added, “So out of touch with humanity, she’s beyond redemption. She’s everything that the rest of us are not. Never picked up a mop or bucket to clean up after flood devastation in her life.”


On Tuesday, Russo was named Australia’s 50th richest woman by the Australian Financial Review. She owns Australia’s largest privately-owned employment service provider.

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