A head of lettuce has won a competition outlasting Liz Truss’ position as UK prime minister.

Six days ago, British tabloid the Daily Star set up a livestream to test a simple hypothesis: Could the shelf life of an iceberg lettuce outlast Truss’ time as PM?

The answer is, why yes.

At 1.30pm London time, Truss announced that she was leaving office.

Despite looking a bit tired, the lettuce was deemed still OK to use in a salad and therefore, victorious.

The lettuce was inundated with messages of congratulations, in a chat box beside the video, including: “Lettuce Rejoice”, “Lettuce being having you”, “Lettuce for PM”, “Lettuce 1 Truss 0”, “Truss sunk by an iceberg”.

Her replacement will be elected next week.