Thousands of people in Greater Sydney have been ordered to flee their homes as the flood crisis gripping NSW continues, with severe weather and heavy rain battering vast swathes of the state.

Here are some ways to help the victims of the affected communities: 


  • St Vincent de Paul
    – Donations will go towards food supplies and other essentials as well as helping families move back home, and replacing damaged furniture.
  • The Australian Red Cross
    – Enables volunteer and staff to help with evacuations, relief centres and outreach service as well as supporting the recovery of the affected areas.
  • The Rural Fire Service
    – Donations will help supply volunteers with resources and equipment.
  • State Emergency Services
    – To help supply volunteers with resources and equipment.


  • The Rescue Collective
    – Donations will help with supplies for the animals (i.e. medical supplies, crates) and funding to deal with the aftermath.
  • Animal Rescue Cooperative
    – Donations required to purchase water pumps, chainsaws, food, medical supplies and animal carriers.
  • Pound Patrol
    – Pound Patrol has lost everything except their beautiful dogs. They require fridges, freezers, washing machines, dryers, shelving, tubs and beds.
  • The Mini Kitty Commune
    – MKC’s teams are fixated on taking cats out of the pound even though they are full of animals needing a new home. They require all the support they can get!
  • Happily Heifer After Sanctuary
    – To assist the clean up which is expected to cost thousands of dollars.


At this stage, clothing and other goods are not recommended donations unless a charity or town specifically requests them.

    – Affected individuals can post requests for specific items they need on donation platform. The platform gives one the option of funding the request, or donating the item itself.


  • Crisis Heroes
    – Connects those in need to people able to provide physical help with tasks such as heavy lifting, mould removal, and transport.
  • Seek Volunteer
    – Keeps an updated list of organisations in need of physical volunteers.
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