Electric utes are set to boom in Australia, making up over half of light commercial vehicle sales in Australia by 2030, according to a new report.

It comes barely a month after Chinese-owned car maker LDV announced it was shipping the first battery electric utes down under.

The ABC reported a batch of the LDV eT60 electric utes were due to arrive in December.

The report, published by management consultancy Boston Consulting Group said that electric light commercial vehicles will be as cheap as their internal combustion engine equivalents (ICE), based on total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the vehicle.

EVs are currently more expensive to buy, but significantly cheaper to run and service, something that tradies need to consider as they clock up about twice as many kilometres than the average car owner.

It’s understood that electric utes have a range of about 300-400km fully charged. Adding a trailer or weight to the tray would obviously reduce this ‘but not by too much,’ the ABC reported.

The LDV eT60 is expected to cost about $20,000 more than the ICE equivalent T60.